Homeland Lover and Homeland Dealer!

Four days have passed since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, while most analysts thought the Ukrainians would not be able to withstand the onslaught of Russian forces, but the Ukrainian people, under the active leadership of the president, men and women, athletes and ordinary people. And even the current president's political rival has said no to the Russian occupation and is defending his country.

The Ukrainian president's stand has led Afghan citizens to compare Zlinsky to Ashraf Ghani.

Rahmatullah Nabil, the former head of national security, while calling Ashraf Ghani a clown and a coward, called Ghani's comparison with Zelensky an insult to the Ukrainian president.

Escape of Ghani and resistance of Zelensky is not just a sample of coward among Afghanistan citizens, even the internationally discussing between the people.

Maryam Mostafavi, a Twitter user, wrote that it does not matter how many people still call Ghani Baba, but Ghani has earned the national traitor award worldwide.

Another Twitter user compared the photo of Rula Ghani, Ashraf Ghani's wife, with a Ukrainian woman who wore a military uniform to defend her homeland.

Ghani! How do you feel when you see your Ukrinian counterpart weraring a military uniform and defending his homeland with his soldiers? Khushal Nabizada asked in a twitter post.

This is where fugitive President Ashraf Ghani has taken a deadly silence.

Two words that have been used again among the citizens of Afghanistan since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resistance of the President of Ukraine Some praise the Ukrainian president, saying he is defending his homeland against the biggest aggressor monster with his family, while Ashraf Ghani and his cabinet sacrificed the entire army for their own sake and fled cowardly.

Masoud Ansar


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