A number of families have left Badakhshan due to Talban's violence

According to residents of Badakhshan District, Talbans have coerced families into sending their kids to the jihadist schools run by the group.Numerous families that disagreed with the Talban district's decision have reportedly faced penalties and fines from the Talban district.According to local accounts, the Talban people residing in these districts forbid any movement that they claim goes against the values of the Emirates and benefit from those who commit transgressions.Due to Talban's brutality, several of these families fled Badakhshan and became refugees in Iran or in Iran and Pakistan. However, some gate district inhabitants claim that the Talban people are less willing to accept aid from humanitarian organizations.The inhabitants of Badakhshani further state that after the rescue workers depart the villages, eighty percent of the relief material has been recovered by the locals in possession of firearms.


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