Taliban Unable to Fight Natural Disasters in Three Western Provinces

According to preliminary figures, heavy rains and flooding have killed at least 12 people in Farah, Herat and Badghis provinces. Dozens of livestock have been destroyed, dozens of residential homes and hundreds of acres of agricultural land, including gardens, have been destroyed, according to statistics provided by the public.

A number of residents of Pashtun Zarghun, Oba, Chesht-e-Sharif, Karkh, Guzara, Farsi, Zawul, Posht Koh and Adraskan districts of Herat say that floods have destroyed at least 190 residential houses and 2,000 jeribs of cultivated land and destroyed thousands of productive and unproductive trees and more than 100 cattle have been killed.

Flooding has also affected residents of Farah province. Statistics show that over the past four days floods have claimed the lives of six people in the districts of Pusht-e-Rud, Parchman and the provincial capital and destroyed nearly 10,000 jeribs of land. According to these statistics, 150 residential houses were also destroyed, at least 3,000 sunglasses were destroyed, and 300 livestock were lost.

The Taliban in Farah also said that floodwaters have caused huge financial damage to residents of Farah and are trying to provide assistance to flood victims through partner institutions in Farah.

Meanwhile, heavy rains and floods in the past few days have killed four people, including a woman and her two children, and destroyed at least 1,000 jeribs of agricultural land along with gardens and nearly 85 residential houses in the districts of Badghis province.

However, the government's Ministry of Disaster Response said on Saturday that at least 70 people have been killed and 56 injured after the recent rains and flooding across Afghanistan.

A number of residents of flood-hit provinces have accused the Taliban of being idle and negligent in fighting natural disasters. According to them, this group has no ability to combat the necessary accidents and knowledge in this area and also treats the victims in a discriminatory and selective manner.

A number of residents of Herat, Farah and Badghis provinces said that people have suffered heavy rains and devastating floods. They also accused the Taliban of being idle, incapable of fighting natural disasters, and said the group is acting discriminatory and selective against the victims.

Ahmad Shaker Sangi


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