The cold season and the rising of fuel prices:

Cold season, the death of poor people in Afghanistan:

Although the price of fuel materials, especially patrol, has increased in the world this year, in Afghanistan, with the arrival of the cold season, gas/patrol traders raise the price of fuel materials to receive more money.

In the meantime, the residents of Kunduz province say that fuel traders and sellers of gas tanks, in addition to raising the price of fuel, also bring low-quality fuel into the market and sell it with non-standard measures.

But in the meantime, the officials say that the price of fuel has increased not only in Afghanistan, also in the world there is a change in prices of oil, and the reason for this is the wars and the inappropriate situation of global policies.

The problem of the citizens of the country is not only the rising of fuel, lack of awake and healthy consciences among the officials and businessmen who misuse every opportunity to keep the rates high to get more money.

Citizens of in Afghanistan, especially the residents of Kunduz province, are worried about the rise of fuel. Apart from the high price of patrol, the lack of quality and recklessness of the officials is one of their other challenges Kunduz residents say.

Masoud Ansar


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