Removal of women from sports by the Taliban

The first round of bowling under the Taliban government in seven months was held without women athletes

But in the republican system, bowling competitions were held between girls and boys athletes

None of the female athletes have been able to engage in sports since the fall of the regime to the Taliban.

Although exercise is good for health, the basic question is whether exercise is only good for men or not??

Athletes in this field consider the presence of women in foreign competitions to be effective and call on the ruling group to provide more opportunities for women in the field of sports.

All sports, which were previously practiced by women athletes, are closed to women and open only to men with the advent of the Taliban.

After the Taliban took over, women were expelled not only from sports but also from education, work and political participation

By removing women from sports, the Taliban have allowed sports only for men Sports experts say Taliban's mindset on women has not changed and women believe they should not exercise A number of women's rights activists also say that the Taliban have banned sports such as work and education for women

Masoud Ansar


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