Taliban are the Liars

About six months into the Taliban's rule, the group has spoken out in several meetings to ensure security and justice in order to gain the support of the international community and the recognition of their government.

Muttaqi is still talking about security in Turkey.

But some citizens: The Taliban are lying and committing new crimes against certain people every day.

Recently, hand tapes were obtained of the Taliban shooting a young Panjshiri teacher (Belal Ahmadi) under a barrage. Two days ago, witnesses reported that two people have been killed by the Taliban in Karte Parwan district area of Kabul, as well as dozens of other crimes that are not published yet.

The Taliban-dominated media are now powerless to criticize, but these crimes have prompted a number of non-Pashton social media users to warn of revenge.

Experts say that if the Pashton people do not stop the crime of the Taliban, who represent themselves as Pashtons, the roots of hypocrisy and enmity between the tribes will destroy the country even more.

Taliban Interior Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi says Afghanistan is safe and no one has been harmed in the past six months. But people say that the Taliban are liars and this group kills and tortures people in different ways every day. In the last week alone, several videos of Taliban crimes have been leaked to the media.

Masoud Ansar


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