National elections in Pakistan were held during a period of high security

Voting in Pakistan's state and parliamentary elections took place during a time when security worries were at their highest.Severe security measures were in place for the start of the election on Thursday, February 5th, and it is expected to last until five o'clock.About five million people are registered to vote in the election, and four seats are up for grabs, according to the report.The 16th Pakistani legislature is chosen by Pakistani voters.The Party of Equity formed the government of Imran Khan after winning the majority of parliamentary seats in the 2008 Pakistani parliamentary elections. Imran Khan, the imprisoned former prime minister of Pakistan, advised his followers to hold off on voting until the election results were made public.In the six-year history of the nation, this is Pakistan's twelfth election.The announcement of the nation's first round of parliamentary elections is anticipated to occur around five o'clock today.


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