Iran should welcome more of our diplomats, Talban urges

The fourth meeting of the "Consular Affairs Commission" between this organization and the Islamic Republic of Iran was scheduled, according to an announcement made in a newsletter by Talban's ministry of foreign affairs.

According to the newsletter, the chief of the Talban embassy in Iran discussed the urgent necessity to boost the number of diplomats stationed there.

Fazl Ahmad Haqqani stated that he had spoken with the Iranian side about "the process of transferring prisoners, the problems of Afghan immigrants and students, and the prevention of abduction and smuggling of Afghans.

“The decision by the two parties to form a bilateral committee to address the issues and make the required arrangements was also included in this Talban bulletin.

Iran continues to reject the Taliban government's legitimacy.

But it was one of the first nations to give this organization control of the Afghan embassy.


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