Spreading terror and misbehavior of Taliban from north to south of Afghanistan

After Taliban took the control of Afghanistan, in addition to persecuting the former employees of the republican system and non-Pashtun citizens, Taliban started a house-to-house attempt to invade people's private property as their privacy without a court order and ransacked the houses.

And in many cases the owners of the houses have been arrested, tortured and in many cases killed and their bodies returned to their families on the charge of cooperation with the resistance front, foreign forces and various other excuses.


Toor Jan is a resident of Kandahar Province, his house was searched by Taliban, while beating his family members, demanded weapons from them for cooperating with the Republican regime, and in this attempt, destroyed a part of his house.

He says that the Taliban detained his brother for several days on charges of collaborating with the Republican regime and having weapons, and then released him again after torturing and breaking his arms and legs.


Experts believe that Taliban, with their inhumane and Islamic behavior, have insulted and harassed not only the non-Pashtuns, but also the Pashtuns themselves, to find and arrest the weapons and people who worked in the security institutions of the republican system.


Several social media users and experts believe that this action of the Taliban group is their fear of what they have done in the last twenty years against the innocent people of Afghanistan called Jihad, and some of them say that these kind of activities of the Taliban group is the result of the confliction between the Haqqani group and the followers of the Mullah Brother.

The Haqqani group, which has been leading and supervising suicide bombings and suicide bombers in Afghanistan for the past twenty years, and this mission is still under the administration of the Haqqanis, but team Mullah Baradar, they are trying to identify and monitor the secret nests of the Haqqani group. Under name of house search or finding illegal weapons

By launching a house-to-house home searches in the southern provinces of the country, the Taliban have brought the people to the levels. This group entered the houses of the employees of the previous government, tortured them and asked for weapons and money from them. It started from Kabul province and covered all northern provinces of the country, and now this group has started house-to-house efforts in Kandahar province in the south of the country.

Masoud Ansar


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