Terrorist shooting of civilians by Taliban:

Following the start of fighting between the Taliban and the National Resistance Front and the Taliban's military campaign and voluntary recruitment from the southern provinces, it can now be seen in the video that the Taliban horribly denounced a number of Panjshiri handcuffed men in a field court. They shoot.


And another similar video revealing the group's crime shows the Taliban firing on a handcuffed civilian in Badakhshan and firing on him

According to Islamic teachings and international law, no group is allowed to torture or kill prisoners.

Citizens of the country say the Taliban are committing the greatest crime against humanity by doing so, causing more people to hate them.

The families of the victims of the global blackout and the people of Afghanistan have strongly criticized the Taliban for the Tajik genocide and called for an immediate end to it.

At the same time, the Taliban in their Twitter messages supported the continuation of the genocide in Panjshir and Andarab.

Shooting and killing of civilians in Panjshir; Fighting between the Taliban and the Resistance Front in Panjshir escalated, with the Taliban taking civilians hostage and brutally firing on them.


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