Beating female students by Taliban:

These women protested after the Taliban prevented them from entering the university.

Taliban have asked them to come with a black Arab hijab or burqa, otherwise they are not allowed to enter. Women say.

The Taliban's obstruction caused the women to protest, but the Taliban responded to the women's protest with violence and beat a number of protesting women.

However, the women say that they are fighting for their rights and will not let the Taliban prevent them from their education under false pretenses.

These women say that they are Muslims, but the Taliban do not want them to continue their education.

After the Taliban got the government in a shameful deal from the fugitive president Ashraf Ghani and with the support of the US, every day the citizens of Afghanistan face serious challenges.

After the Taliban prevented women from entering the university, the students protested, which ended with violence by the Taliban. The Taliban asked the female students to wear a Burqa or a black Arabic hijab.

Masoud Ansar


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