Exhibition of Tajikistan historical Antiquities in Paris France for 4 Months

Tajikistan; The Land of Golden Rivers for four months now, Tajik historical artifacts have been on display at the National Museum of the Asian Gimi Industry in Paris, France. This is the first time that the ancient Tajik heritage has been unveiled in continental Europe.

211 discovered drawings and pictures from the geographical areas of the Islamic Republic of Tajikistan are on display at the Gimi Gallery.

Marie Perez has come to Paris from the north of France and has decided to spend a day at the fair to get acquainted with Tajik history and civilizations.

According to the statistics of the exhibition officials (Tajikistan, the land of golden rivers), 12 – 13 thousand of people have visited this exhibition in a month. Sisel and Alexane, students at the University of Art in France, who paints unique works of history, also find the paintings in this exhibition unique.

The exhibition opened on Oct 13, 2021 with the presence of the President of France and Tajikistan and ended on mid Jan 2022.

Masoud Ansar


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