A Jewish Supports Afghan Women Rights in Paris

Philip Lofand is a French painter who devotes several days a week to defending the rights of Afghan women.

In the sign that reads (Where is the Women’s Rights Government) in front of the Eiffel Tower, one of the most crowded tourist spots in Paris, and in other parts of the city, this is a live step to mobilize the French to defend the rights of Afghan women and protest

As a Jew, I want to say that I am very moved by what is happening to women in Afghanistan, I cannot tolerate this injustice against women.

Taliban, who consider themselves the masters of people’s lives, have forgotten history, the world's greatest fascists like Hitler, who wanted to massacre the Jews but failed, Hitler died but he Jews are alive. The Taliban will face the same as Hitler

As women’s protests in Kabul escalated, a number of women rights activists in France continued to work to defend Afghan women’s rights.

Azam Azizi is a student of International Relations, at this conference; she talks about the struggle for women’s right to work, bread and freedom.

Conference participants emphasize greater global mobilization to defend women’s rights in Afghanistan

While the Taliban oppress and kill protesting women in various ways, Philip is convinced that if the group of Taliban violates the rights of their wives and mothers and removes them from society, even the Taliban generation will perish.

the Taliban have at least respected the rights of their wives and mothers and themselves and not violated their rights. On the other hand, women’s rights activists in Europe are emphasizing greater mobilization to support Afghan women.

Hamed Rassoli


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