The Taliban's enmity with women is endless

Taliban imposes restrictions on Afghan women under any pretext

Roads in Kabul, Women Protesting Talabani Hijab Again Violent by Taliban

The Taliban again detained women protesting against the Taliban's mandate for forced hijab and prevented them from marching.

Some women say Taliban can not force Afghan women to wear Burqa, except this, Taliban have done nothing for the welfare of the people in these eight months

These women say that every woman has the right to decide what to wear

However, after the fall of the republic, a large number of women were arrested, tortured and even killed by the Taliban.

This new restriction imposed by the Taliban has also provoked global reactions.

A number of women in Kabul protesting the Taliban's forced hijab on the capital's streets claim to have been held hostage by Taliban forces for several hours and that Taliban militants have prevented them from protesting.


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