Protesters in Front of the Norwegian Embassy in London

Down with Taliban and Shame on Taliban is the Chanting of the Protesters in Front of Norwegian Embassies

They call the Taliban criminals because of their inhumane criminal actions and the support of the Taliban is a crime.

Taliban met with officials from the United States and the European Union on the second days of their meeting; sources said.

But the Norwegian prime minister has made some interesting remarks in the dialogue. The Norwegian prime minister has said the he was not aware that Annas Haqqani was on the UN blacklist.

But Mahbooba Saraj, one of the women who spoke to the Taliban delegation on the first day, told the BBC that the Taliban had not made any promises to them.

Oslo Norway is hosting a Taliban summit as a number of citizens accuse Norway and a number of other countries in the region and the world of legitimizing the Taliban

Masoud Ansar


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