Women's Market Under the Taliban Rule:

It has been almost a year, the women have forbidden women from going to work and learning, but here a number of women have exhibited their handmade works in cooperation with the Taliban.


This is the first permanent women's market in Kabul, which was opened after the surrender of the regime from Ashraf Ghani to the Taliban.

A number of women say that they can display their handicrafts in this exhibition and earn income from selling their produced items.

These women ask Taliban to provide job opportunities for women who all suffer from unemployment and economic weakness.


This market was opened by professional women. One of the officials of this exhibition says that this is a step towards self-sufficiency and encouragement of working women, and they consider this exhibition effective for the use of domestic handicrafts and national products.


But the experts say that launching such programs in this situation is nothing more than throwing dirt in the eyes of the international community. The Taliban terrorist group wants to be recognized using women as if they continue to work and live without any problems. While women are deprived of their smallest right, which is the right of education

A number of trade women in collaboration with Taliban opened a handicraft exhibition in Kabul. But a number of knowledgeable people say that the Taliban have done this to gain legitimacy from the international community. Since Taliban surrendered the government from Ashraf Ghani, all women became unemployed and women are not allowed to go to school.

Masoud Ansar


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