General amnesty or genocide in the country.....

Belal Ahmad, who has been a teacher in Panjshir for a long time, fell into the hands of the Taliban as he was descending from the mountains of Hesarak district and was brutally shot by Taliban forces after several questions and answers.
Belal Ahmed's family says he was a teacher and headed a family of 15

The Taliban's move has provoked widespread reactions on social media.

"How can we bring peace and unite a nation when the Taliban are killing people?" Former Minister of Mines Nargis Nehan wrote on Twitter in response to the Taliban's shooting.

"Yaqub Yasna, a writer in the field of Persian culture and a professor at Al-Beruni University, also wrote in connection with the incident that the Pashton Taliban were repeating Abdul Rahman's actions in killing a young Tajik from Panjshiri and shooting and killing a young Tajik for entertainment."

Reactions have risen since the release of a video showing the young Panjshiri being shot by Taliban forces.

A number of political and civil activists, journalists and social media users say the Taliban are not committed to their amnesty. Some see such a field trial as irreligious and hateful, and some say the Taliban have never changed.

Hundreds of former soldiers and civilians have been killed by the Taliban since Afghanistan fell to the Taliban.

Nargis Nehan: Torture and killing of defenseless civilians due to ethnic prejudices has reached its peak and the Taliban leadership is not taking any action. General pardon is only for a specific number of special ethnic groups. Do you think that with this situation of injustice, oppression, we can become a nationwide peace?

Masoud Ansar


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