Taliban did not allow women to celebrate International Women's Day.

A number of women in the country have been commemorating the solidarity of women against injustice and discrimination since March 8, in a small place, while being deprived of their most basic rights, which are the right to work, freedom and education.

Some of these women claim that despite the preparations to celebrate this day; No institutions have refused to cooperate with the Taliban because of the fear and warning they received

While this day has been celebrated every year across Afghanistan with various programs, this year it was summed up only by a tweet from a Taliban spokesman, which reminded of the protection of women's rights, rights that are not granted to women at all.

Women raise their voices under the yoke of tyranny and continue their struggle

Some women say that it was not unlikely that this day would be considered haram by this group for various reasons. They will not give up their protests until they reach their goal

Meanwhile, three women have been mysteriously killed in Balkh and Kabul since the beginning of March, with citizens accusing the Taliban of killing them.

A number of women say they have been trying for two weeks to have a place to commemorate International Women's Day, but no institution or individual has come to them for fear of the Taliban. These women say that this has been the worst year for them in the last twenty years, because they have been deprived of all their rights.

Masoud Ansar


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