Two perspectives of Taliban to continue their girls' education with girls in Afg..

Daughters of Taliban leaders continue their education abroad as millions of female students in Afghanistan are barred from attending school for nearly eight months.

After the start of the school year, the Taliban reopened only boys' and elementary schools for girls, but did not allow high school girls to attend.

Some politicians believe that the Taliban are seeking to appease government supporters such as Pakistan and others.

Former ambassador for Norway Shukria Barakzai says the Taliban's treatment of girls and women in Afghanistan is a form of gender discrimination and the group's two-pronged approach.

The Taliban blamed the ban on girls for not attending school because of the lack of a religious atmosphere, saying that girls would not be allowed to go to school until instructions were in place according to Afghan culture.

Taliban leaders have enacted the rules while their own daughters are learning standard, modern education in foreign countries in a mixed environment.

Some politicians say that the children of Taliban leaders are educated abroad, but in Afghanistan they deprive girls of the right to education under various pretexts.


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