Taliban cuts the neck of freedom of expression

The Taliban imposed restrictions on the media after Ashraf Ghani handed over Afghanistan to Taliban and fled the country, in the last case barring the media from broadcasting serials and any foreign programs.
And now in a letter written by the Taliban Ministry of Telecommunication Services to Taliban’s Ministry of Interior, it has been leaked to Exile TV. Which include tax evasions to stop publishing their tax evasions.
This issue is being raised by Taliban officials after a large number of visual, audio, print and online media outlets stopped broadcasting after the Taliban took control of the country due to lack of funding.

Experts say the previous government has repeatedly exempted the media and national businessmen from paying their taxes, but the Taliban wants to stifle freedom of expression under the pretext of the blatant tax bias of the media so that their crimes can be covered up and whatever they want can be covered up.
These debates come at a time when a number of. The journalists were detained by the Taliban without a court order, and after their release, they remained silent or gave up the media and journalism or left the country.

The Taliban Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ATRA) issued a letter to the Interior Ministry that more than 200 audio-visual media outlets in the capital and provinces that had not paid their taxes should be suspended until their taxes were paid. . Experts say; this action of Taliban is like stifling freedom of expression.


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